“A Choice Of Limbs”




Southend Labour Councillor Julian Ware Lane has written on his blog about the latest Essex Fire And Rescue Service meeting. He’s not happy with the process, nor the apparent glee of the Tory Councillors in charge:

The consultation exercise is akin to offering a perfectly healthy patient a choice of limbs to be amputated. Whilst I am not blind to the state of the economy (and one wonders just how much mismanagement Osborne can get away with) I do not see my role as being compliant to job cuts, degraded services, and residents being made to endure greater risk.

The full article here.

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  • This would appear to be a good illustration of the shortcomings of a ruling party with no viable opposition , it breeds a sense of invincibility ( we know best and will dictate to you lesser beings ) – it is a natural / selfish human trait.
    History has shown, time and time again, that an omnipotent power will go too
    far and eventually implode. The nearest example being the Blair / Brown / Mandleson experiment which nearly bankrupted the country with it’s foolhardy
    approach to finance.
    The current government is the same but different in that they are making sure
    it is the majority less well off that pay the price along the way via cuts accross the board ( boasting of house building targets but no infrastructure ) – and the Fire Brigade capability is a simple example of a declining infrastructure.

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