The Member Champion For Risk




There’s an item for next Thursday’s Cabinet meeting- Item 5.2 . It’s about appointing a ‘Member Champion for Risk”.

Risk Board Game

This sounded quite intriguing. Have the cabinet taken so much power that they are setting up board game tournaments to keep the ordinary councillors happy? Would the next step be a Member Champion for Scrabble”?

Actually, the truth is much less interesting. It’s to do with having a councillor overview the council’s “Risk Management Framework”. Very worthwhile work, we’re sure, but….

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  • Talking about Facebook, there are already quite a few groups on Facebook connected with the district – e.g. the one that wants a Starbucks in Rayleigh, there’s the Rayleigh Appreication Society, the one called “I was born in Rochford Hospital” and lots for ex-pupils of local schools.

    Some members of those groups might like to look at onlineFOCUS, but don’t know we exist.

    Do you think it’s worth setting up an “onlineFOCUS” group on Facebook so that some of these people might find out about us?

  • I really think you should set up your own group- this one has more to do with Bill Bailey and much as I like Bill Bailey, I don’t think the two topics are conducive to the type of social guerilla tactics that we are seeking to employ- ie avoid ASDA and especailly their carrier bags 😉

  • Health Warning : Anybody thinking of setting up or joining a facebook group about something in their area, (whether it’s a multitnational, a little corner shop or a local pub ) who might become a councillor could find themselves having to declare an interest and keep out of planning debates involving the subject of the group…

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