The Maheno Wreck




Just as a change from local politics…..

Back in 2008 we wrote about the Maheno Wreck, a local Essex fivepiece that we said “might remind you of Snow Patrol or The Fray”. They performed at the Rayleigh Arts Festival.

If anyone is interested, they are still going strong, and here’s an example of one of their tracks – “Spinning Wheel” from their album “You are Ocean I am Land”. Just click on the link and after about 10 seconds you should get some music:

\"Spinning Wheel\"

and you can get the album for free – just ask them via their webpage

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  • thankyou for introducing me to Maheno Wreck!!!If you enjoy the likes of Snow Patrol or The Killers give these guys a try. Also local lad ‘done good’ is Tall Dark Friend, may now be on Spotify!

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