The loss of the 35 Bus Service




There’s something ironic about losing the only bus service along Rawreth Lane just as Asda opens. But more importantly, it’s going to cause real hardship to some Rawreth people.

Although the District Council havn’t been able to tell us anything today, local bodies , plus the County Council are all making an effort to help.

We understand that Rawreth Parish Council have been in contact with the Transport Liaison Officer at the County Council. Apparently the County Council are in contact with various bus operators to see if someone else can provdie a service.

In the meantime RAVS (the Rayleigh Rochford & District Association for Voluntary Services) have also been in contact with the Parish Council to see if they can help.

One possible source of help is the Wyvern Community Transport Organisation – ironically the body that the Conservative Group on the District Council doesn’t want to give any extra support to. (Sorry for dragging politics into this, but the point is very relevant!)

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