The Green Belt Losses

This is a table from the latest District Council ‘allocations’ document, showing where new homes are going to be built across the district in the Green Belt (you can double-click on it to enlarge it)


However here’s a few points to bear in mind:

  • It doesn’t include new housing on former industrial sites, such as the Rawreth Industrial Estate
  • The government requires councils to show ‘flexibility’ , which means numbers could increase at a particular site.
  • The 550? “North of London Road, Rayleigh” and 250 of the “South West Hullbridge” are actually in the parish of Rawreth. Though it’s still better than the 1800 we originally campiagned against.


  • Brian Guyett has pointed out that the number of houses (not included in the above either) in the HockleyTown Centre Plan (HAAP) has reduced from the 150 that we thought were included in the overall housing figure target. Hockley has the 50 above plus new HAAP 100 making 150 when the previous total for Hockley was 200. Whilst reductions are welcome we have to remember that the overal target for the Rochford District is in shortfall. So it would have to be made up elsewhere. So why the reduction. Is any other of the above reduced by 50?

    Chris, you are a Member of the LDC Sub Committee meeting on 30 October so could you clarify this for us? Thanks.

  • Thanks Chris. I conclude from your later post that no other area, in including Town Centres and Industrial Estates, has received a reduction. If Hockley has reduced by 50 where has the 50 been added to or compensated for in the 5 Year Supply? Or is this a shortfall to be filled as you demonstrate in your later post as determined by using the maximum figure in another General Preferred Location. For sure it would seem a pity to start off with a shortfall somewhere in the 5 Year Supply from Hockley without determining at the outset how this will be met? As a Member of the LDF Sub Committee (as you know I am unable to attend to observe) could you bottom out what is happening here please and post to this thread?

  • Chris/Brian

    Here is an answer to my question about Hockley from a Officer at RDC.

    “The draft Hockley Area Action Plan suggests that 100 dwellings can be appropriately provided in the centre of Hockley. The SHLAA had previously estimated 150. However, the draft Hockley Area Action Plan also suggests that there are other potential areas where housing could be provided in proximity to the centre, which are already allocated for residential development, north of the railway line for example. Such sites will be investigated through the SHLAA and may form part of the District’s housing supply.”

    Regards, John

  • That what I expected.
    Can you possibly also get an explanation why, despite a specific promise at July’s Full Council to include them, RDC have ignored highways issues yet again? This will affect residents across district, including Hawkwell. Are more traffic jams RDC’s way of controlling traffic volumes?

    So the Council want a new,massive,supermarket in the Village but have proposed nothing as yet to solve the major traffic issues which already exist.If this goes ahead it will be suicidal for the Village. I think much more publicity should be given to the Council’s intention because few people appreciate what is going on and if they did, there would be major concerns not only from people living in Hockley but also those who need to drive through it!

  • One of the Hawkwell organisations has, I understand, put a radical proposal to Hawkwell Parish Council for onward transmission to ECC, RDC and all the Parish Councils which it will discuss at its General Purposes Committee on 12 November. It is has been marked “confidential” so I cannot publish it at the moment. It really surprised me though !! John

  • Ken’s comment is spot on. An Area Action Plan is intended to reinvigorate and improve an area but the HAAP is little more than a supermarket planning application in disguise. Unlike a normal planning application, however, it ignores the infrastructure requirements and is likely to bring Hockley to a grinding halt.
    How can anyone propose inserting a supermarket, nearly the size of Asda, Rayleigh, in to the middle of Hockley, without any road improvements or extra parking is incomprehensible. RDC will live to rue this proposal!