The Election Situation – How are the Lib Dem Candidates doing?




Ron Oatham and Bruce Smart have been elected unopposed to the Town Council (Downhall Ward).

Chris Lumley and June Lumley, who sit as Lib Dems on the District Council, have been re-elected unopposed to the Town Council as Independents. (Grange Ward)

Keith Budden is still battling away to win in Trinity Ward for the District Council and Town Council.

Lena Black (that’s Chris’ wife) is standing in Whitehouse Ward for the District Council.If she wins, Whitehouse will have Lena and Peter Webster as their ward councillors – what a combination!

Mark Pearson is standing for us in Wheatleys Ward for the District Council.

The Tories are certain to keep control of the District Council, and have now taken control of the Town Council. But we are still enjoying our campaigning, and are not downhearted!

If you have time to help us in the next few days , please contact us urgently!

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