The District Council Washes Its Hands Of Rats




As the District Council website explains:

Rats and Mice
Domestic premises

As of Monday the 2nd April 2012 Rochford Council no longer provides a pest control service, but you can find a list of local accredited pest control contractors by using the directory on the British Pest Control Associations (BPCA) website please see the related links below. Or you can find a list of contractors in directories like the Yellow Pages, or by searching on-line.

Now, from an onlineFOCUS viewpoint of wanting to protect the hygiene of the district, and to protect people who can’t really afford to pay for pest control, our instincts were against cancelling this service. However we couldn’t find any evidence that cutting this service had caused problems elsewhere – for example in Brighton, which did this a year or so before Rochford. So we have accepted this – and it counts towards the savings the council needs to make in its budget.

There are commercial outfits you can contact for a reasonable fee, and as one example, the chap who used to carry out the council work has now set up his own business.

However if you hear of someone who has a pest problem, and really can’t afford to pay, please let us know.

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  • Hi All
    I was the Pest controller for RDC from 2001/2012 my name is Barry and I am sure at some point I have met many of you, as stated above I have now set up my own company as the council no longer deals with rodent calls.
    My company is called B.E.E Pest Control and can be found in the Yellow Pages, Yell, and on Facebook Bee Pest-Control.
    I have over 12 years experience and am fully qualified in accordance with the BPCA (British Pest Control Association)
    I have tried to keep the prices in line with what the Council were charging as I know money is tight for everyone, where there has been an increase it is because the Council used to subsidies what you the resident paid, for instance last year a Wasps nest treatment was £41.70 it is now £45 and if you are over 65 then good news you get a 10% discount, Rat/Mice treatments start at £38 and go up to £57, Theses are very competitive prices I assure you, feel free to phone around and and you will see.
    Advice as always is free and I am always happy to give advice first, I also do not have a call out charge.
    If you have any Pest problems please do not hesitate to call your local Pest Controller Barry on 01268 786718 – 07795 261636 – 0800 0235516, also if you are on Facebook check out my page it has advice and photos and if you drop by be sure to like.
    Best Regards
    B.E.E Pest Control

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