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08:15 am: Just to clarify for people, the District Council is now split into 13 wards with 3 councillors each. The 3 candidates who get the highest votes are all elected. The one who gets the most votes is elected for 4 years, the person who comes second is elected for 3 years, the person who comes third is elected for 2 years. There are also Parish Council elections in Hullbridge and some Town Council elections in Rayleigh.

10:30 no results yet

10:57 first result: Roche north and rural. Conservatives win 2 ukip win 1. Good result for ukip.

11:05 hockley and ashingdon conservatives win all 3 .Terry cutmore is re-elected.

11:18 Hawkwell West. Big win for John and Christine Mason (rochford residents) Conservatives win the 3rd seat.

score so far: cons 6 Roch res 2 ukip 1

11:32 hullbridge: greens win all 3 by a big margin.

11:44 hockley: an earthquake. Rochford rochford residents win 2 conservatives win 1. KEITH HUDSON AND MALCOLM MADDOCK DEFEATED

Score so far: cons 7 Roch res 4 green 3 ukip 1

12:05 roche south: conservatives win all 3 . A crucial hold for them

12 :05 wheatley: independent Jamie Burton and 2 conservatives win

score so far cons 12 Roch res 4 green 3 ukip 1 ray inds 1

score so far cons 12 Roch res 4 green 3 ukip 1 ray inds 1

12:23 Hawkwell East. Conservatives win 2 rochford residents 1. There are 15 seats to go. Conservatives need 6 of those to have a majority.

13:16 Downhall and Rawreth. Liberal Democrats win all 3 seats with big majorities.

13:18 lodge . Tories win all 3 seats.

score now: conservatives 17 rochFord residents 5 green 3 lib dems 3 ukip 1 ray inds 1

13:25 trinity : conservatives win 3. UKIP’S John HAYTER is defeated.

Conservatives retain control of council.

13:34 Foulness and the wakerings: ukip win 3 seats .

One district result to come : sweyne park and Grange!

13:45 sweyne park and grange: TOBY MOUNTAIN WINS FOR ROCHFORD RESIDENTS AND JAMES NEWPORT WINS FOR LIB DEMS. Conservatives win the third seat (June lumley)

Final outcome:

Conservatives 21

Rochford residents 6

Liberal Democrats 4


Green Party 3

Rayleigh Independents 1

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