The Chamber’s View On Clamping




Rayleigh Chamber of Trade gives it’s view on car clamping on it’s website:

” A recent article (see link) in the Echo warns the public of the risk they take from parking in the area behind the shops at the Eastwood Road end of Websters Way.

The message, however, does not convey the full sentiments of the Chamber which condemns the extortionate charges and bullish behaviour of the clamping company.

The Chamber & Town Council wants to prevent parkers from getting clamped and being charged extortionate fees by warning them about parking there. The unwary public may only leave their vehicle parked for a several minutes before the clampers swoop & remove the vehicle at a fee of nearly ?500

It is felt that this is a disproportionate amount to charge but are currently unable to act mainly because the Southend based landlord is adamant that he will continue to employ the clampers.

Attempts have been made by local traders to mark individual parking spaces and highlight the clamping signs. Generally they are not in favour with the Draconian measures employed & are concerned that customers will avoid shopping & eating in Rayleigh”blockquote>

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  • Completely off-topic, this … but you can always tell when Ron Oatham isn’t the author of a piece by the number of stray apostrophes! This line:

    ‘Rayleigh Chamber of Trade gives it’s view on car clamping on it’s website:’

    contains two!

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