The Case Of The Disappearing Post Box



by admin // in Rayleigh


We were asked by residents to find out what had happened to the post box fixed to the telegraph pole at the corner of Deepdene Avenue and Downhall Road,. it was there for 40 years or more …. and suddenly it’s gone.

Thankfully it’s not been stolen or removed permanently. BT are replacing the telegraph pole there and have asked Royal Mail to temporarily remove it.

So it should be back soon. Even so, we hope they hurry up …. and it would have been better if they’d put up some kind of notice to explain. Or even found something else to fix it to.

Meanwhile, just along the road near Lakeside, there’s been no bus stop sign since a lamp-post there was demolished when a vehicle hit it. The new lamp-post will be erected further away from the road, so a new bus-stop pole will have to be put up at the edge of the pavement so that everyone can see it.

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