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The Reverend Paul Trathen is about to be appointed as the new Rector of Rawreth, and he has his own blog here.

It’s well worth a look.

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  • Hi all,

    With turkey still sitting leaden in my stomach, I thought I would get back to blogging and reading.

    I would be delighted to enter into dialogue with as many as wish to via my own blog or onlineFOCUS, not only as regards matters that pertain to Rawreth, but throughout the District and beyond. Alongside being the new Rector for St Nicholas and its Parish, I will be working alongside our Bishop as an Advisor for Faith in Action throughout south Essex. This means that I will be keen to help churches and their community partners – in civic, business and voluntary sectors – to do better ‘joined-up thinking and action’ with regard to community projects, campaigning issues, etc.

    Open forum!

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