The Battlesbridge Raft Race


It’s next Sunday at Battlesbridge:

  • The third annual Charity raft race!
  • All boats are themed with the crew in fancy dress
  • There are water balloons for sale – or sail?
  • Barbeque burgers and sausages kindly donated by R V Taber Butchers in Hullbridge and La Vallee Farm shop near Hockley
  • Entertainment by live band The Spirit .
  • Face painting for the children , Tombola , side shows and Raffle
  • Fun begins from 1 o’ clock.
  • Boat race starts at High tide…(2.30).
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  • It was a good race here in Battlesbridge today, LOT and Lots of Fun

    The only down side was the Smells that was in the air cameing from the sewage works. and it was every were in Battlesbridge :(. no way of geting a way from it. 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  • I am afraid the stench was not from the sewage works but was sewage sludge being dumped on some nearby fields after combining rape . I hasten to add not mine!! It was indeed pretty awful on a sunday to have put up with that but with the price of artificial fertilizer this is an appropiate use but research into making the stuff odourless is urgent .

  • The organisers of the raft race should be congratulated for raising around £2500 for the three nominated charities , Thanks to some generous sponsoring of local businesses .It was indeed a great success despite the discomfort of the stench . I do not think G. Osborne was being nitpicking over the stench. It is something that is increasingly been a problem from one source or another over the last 18 months,and it all seems to come from Anglian Water activities note the story in the evening echo about temple farm industrial site as yet another example .Until utilities are prepared to invest more money into these services then the problems will increasingly invade our comfort zone .This will not happen unless there is a return on their investment and under the present privatised system that appears unlikely .

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