The Asda Documents are Online

Important documents dealing with the Asda appeal are now available from the District Council’s website here.

There are loads of documents from Asda , plus “our” document against the Asda application.

The public – or councillors – can’t add any further comments now. Only the council officers and Asda’s agents can do that. But it’s interesting to see what Asda’s people say, especially in their first document. They don’t seem to be very happy with us.

We’re going to be carefully studying this stuff over the weekend and see what’s in here.

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  • Have only had a chance of a quick scan read of some of these documents. It seems so unfair that the public & Councillors are unable to comment further!
    I note that Asda have put their interpretaion of the minutes from the November meeting in with one of their reports, I haven’t seen any minutes from the second application in this document, yet they have made comments of what they say was said! It’s a shame there isn’t a verbatum recording of these meetings so that the Inspector is aware of the truth! I particularly remember the comments by the Coucillor regarding the 6 staff car parking spaces and the 200 staff on the first application! The second application was turned down by 26 votes to 6.
    I really hope the Inspector takes the time to read all the letters etc submitted re this appeal, particularly as not all the comments made in correspondence to RDC prior to this application going to appeal were reflected correctly in the Officers report!

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