The 24 Minute Council Meeting




The Full Council meeting of the District Council lasted just 24 minutes tonight – and that included about three minutes for prayers and a reading of a parable. It was really a rubber-stamping exercise and only two-thirds of the councillors turned up.

The key points were:

  • Following a question from Chris Black, Tory leader Terry Cutmore said that in the autumn we can discuss funding an after-hours environmental health service for noise nuisance etc.
  • It looks our council housing stock will be transferred to a housing association in mid-September
  • PS This was a short council meeting , but didn’t set a record. The shortest council meeting here of any description was probably a meeting of the Health and Housing Committee in about 1985. It was chaired by the late Ken Cope, started at 7:30 and they completed the agenda at 7:32. One member turned up late at 7:34 but it was already over….

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  • Thanks Chris, I did not think that they would deem to ask the question, although I got a very positive answer from the Committee section of the local council. Oh well this is just more ammunition come next year when the elections come up. I wont forget this and it will be brought to the fore at this time. We all know why they do not want to formalise such a question, they have not got any funding anyway so why not just come out and admit it! Anyway I will be ringing the Committee section again tomorrow and speak to the same contact. Chris if you see Mr Pullen please ask, for me, why this question did not come up when it was confirmed to me that although it was raised at the wrong time at the West meeting protocol deems that it would still be asked at tonights meeting. It will not put the Conservatives in a positive light when the residents of Rayleigh get to hear about this. There just might be one or two Councillors who thought they were safe and just had to turn up at election time think a little bit harder!

  • Good idea Alison I will give it a go, however I would still like an answer from John Pullen, or from the committee section who confirmed it would get an airing at the 31/07 committee meeting.

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