Thanks For The Sandbags….




Many thanks to Rochford DC and the Environment Agency for listening to local concerns last week and delivering a load of sandbags for Laburnum Way. It’s appreciated.

Plus thanks to the officer at Rochford who was actually reading and answering emails at 9:30 pm on a Sunday evening. And all credit to Rawreth PC for being so active on this.

Isn’t it worrying though, that the two roads that caused the most concern – Watery Lane and Rawreth Lane – are the places which would get the surface water run-off from all those houses Rochford DC is talking about building….

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  • Admin, I agree with your comments, even if I did have to go out and buy the sand. I will just have to stop the granddaughter pinching it for the sand pit.

    I have just submitted questions to the West Area Committee on a separate subject, but in the suggestions box for future discussions I raised this very point. Maybe it will be included at Thursdays meeting if RDC feel they have comment to make which is not an Agenda item

  • This is exactly what we are saying, the whole area proposed for building within Rawreth is so susceptible to flooding, inadequate drainage and, therefore, traffic problems like last Friday in Watery Lane,that we must continue to urge RDC to reconsider their proposals.

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