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Thanks for all the support and help people have shown us in the past few weeks!

Whatever happens tomorrow, onlinefocus will of course be carrying on – the number of visitors has increased during the campaign and we will continue developing the site in the future.

The campaign has been dominated by the issues that we have raised – especially overdevelopment to the west of Rayleigh. and the future of our town centre.

May all candidates get the result they deserve….

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  • Good luck for Thursday Chris, I believe that local elections are about the local issues more so than party politics, helping and supporting local people all the time, not just popping a leaflet through the door when its election time.If tomorrows result reprensents your hard work and dedication to the people of Rayleigh, it should be a landslide to you. I delivered some leaflets on Saturday the same day as the conservative sheet,I was able to give the leaflet to some people by hand and received comments like,thats the one that I want to read.

    Thanks for your continued support including this website

  • Geoff, thanks to you for your support and help in the past few years – it’s people like you who make a huge difference.

    Who knows what tomorrow will bring!

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