Thank You, Customer Services! Thank You Greater Anglia!




We received a complaint last week from a resident about litter near the passenger ramp from Rayleigh Station to The Approach. So we took a couple of photos and emailed them to Customer Services at Rochford District Council. They checked that it WAS a railway responsibility and passed the request on to Abellio Greater Anglia.

The litter was cleared up and we are grateful to Customer Services for their help!

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  • I am glad with the result as I also complained to the ticket office 2/3 weeks ago about it and told it was also not their responsibility, but they did get the cleaner to sweep up some rubbish on the path which had been collecting in one corner for a few days, which I had seen as I went past every day. I think it needs another bin installed as there is none under the steps until you get right to the bottom (by then the rubbish has already been dumped), that could be part of the problem. I did comment that the grass and rubbish had got worse in the past few months which was a shame as new flower displays had been put to make the station look nice.

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