Thank You, Asda




We have been advised that Asda have withdrawn their application for 24 hour sales of alcohol and refreshments at the Priory Chase store. It seems that they have no plans now to extend their opening hours…

Thank you, Asda.

There are always going to be problems when a government inspector gives planning permission for a supermarket so close to existing housing. But hopefully now with Asda’s co-operation we might be able sort out some of the other issues that affect nearby residents….

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  • “now with Asda’s co-operation we might be able sort out some of the other issues that affect nearby residents….”

    Erm….. well they could start by chaining up the trolleys at night so kids don’t use them as go-carts at two in the morning, or perhaps look at the system they have in place that is supposed to lock wheels when it goes past certain points – clearly that system is not working, and does cause great annoyance when awoken by such antics.

  • Chris, Corey

    At the customer liaison meeting that ASDA organised for the 7th Jan the problem regarding the trolleys was brought up and Matt Featherstone said that they would be changing the trolleys over to the ones that required a £1 coin being inserted into them. No timescale was given for the introduction of this type of trolley. Hope this helps?

  • Shame that ASDA didn’t extend the invitation to their neighbours who are not customers! I didn’t know anything about a liaison meeting but I would have certainly have had plenty to say.

  • TWR, I am with you – even though I use the store on an almost daily basis, I was totally unaware of this meeting. Perhaps by the time they have the next meeting (we can live in hope that there will be one), I will have taken delivery of my light meter and be able to give them evidence of the light pollution that shines straight into our bedroom window!

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