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It was interesting to see a little piece in the Echo on Friday (not on their website yet) where the Conservatives accuse us of “Scaremongering” about the housing figures.

We’re just trying to tell people what’s going on in the real world.

The latest news is that a sub-committee meeting looking at housing options has been postponed. It’s been moved from it’s original date in April to a date in May. We understand that the stuff to be discussed may be too controversial to be discussed before the elections.

As the Conservative Councillors are obviously reading onlineFOCUS, could one of them please leave a comment and explain what’s going on here?

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  • Seems to me that the Tories are obviously running scared of losing the next election and therefore a resorting to dirty political tactics?

    Is postponing the sub committee meeting until after the election an indication that this is clearly NOT going to be an election winner?

  • Maybe, just maybe, some of the gagged Tory Councillors who have been barred from speaking their mind will let us ‘proles’ see that they do have a backbone or then again maybe not!

    This district is crying out for a transparent, democratic Council. One that does not make decisions behind closed doors and embraces open Government alas I fear we will not see that while the Conservatives hold the balance of power.

    I fear for our town and district if we have another term of Councillors happily eroding our standard of living. It is about time we cleared them out and started afresh. We need new, fresh ideas to get our town moving in the right direction, less waste of public money. A Council that will listen to Councillors of all parties positively and not dismiss them because they are not Tories. I think they have fallen into that trap that Maggie Thatcher fell into, thinking only they know what is right for us!! Well they don’t and we can show them that at the elections.

  • Chris if they are moving meetings becuase they are too controversial, why not use it in your election material and also in Terry Cutmores ward, and make a big thing of it in the echo

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