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We found out last night that County Highways will have a squad out repairing potholes in February and March.

If you know of a pothole that needs repairing , let us know as soon as possible, so we can ask for it to be added to the list of works.

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  • There are some very very bad ones we call them craters in slip road right outside the Hambro Parade shops, not so bad for cars but very dangerous for pedestrians, especially bad getting off a bus and crossing the small road there to go to the zebra crossing.

  • I noticed that a small pothole has developed in Downhall Park Way, just after Canterbury Close as you drive in to the estate.

    We could also do with them fixing the pathway between Bristol Close and Downhall Park Way, there are some huge cracks along here. Someone came along a few months ago and marked up some of the damaged parts on this stretch, but have not been back since.

    A bit further afield, on the east bound Rawreth Lane just before the cricket ground entrance, it looks like one of the manhole covers is sinking, not far from the one that was repaired recently.

    There’s also a new pothole on the A1245 outside lane, between the railway bridge and the Carpenter’s Arms

  • Actually one other point. I have noticed a general deterioration in the roads and increase in potholes around Rayleigh recently a) the cold weather has exposed poor repair work and b) the very poor resurfacing work the Forefront group are doing after gas mains replacement. Take a drive down Castle Road or Leasway (off Love Lane). Not v good at all.

  • I notice that the A1245 pothole is still not repaired, but they’ve found time and money to paint the word “SLOW” on this stretch of the A1245, together with the now obligatory bands of coloured tarmac.

    I’m glad they got their priorities right, the huge white sign showing the junction, the triangular sign showing a roundabout, the three separate countdown signs and the large, round grass-covered mound topped with chevron signs never clearly conveyed to me that I should think about adjusting my speed.

    I note that the SLOW paint fairy has also been busy on the southbound approach to the Carpenter’s Arms and also on the approach to the high street.

    I feel safer already!

    It’s strange how these things magically appear right at the end of the financial year, is it the work of the Easter Bunny?

    Maybe the SLOW paint fairy will return with his friends the YELLOW line fairy and the PEDESTRIAN CROSSING fairy, and we’ll see some real improvements in road safety.

  • I too reported the pothole mentioned in the outside lane of the A1245 and, on Monday a guy called Robin who is the official for the Rayleigh area potholes, called to say that there are in fact 5 potholes in that section which require attention. He says these will all be done but as it is very expensive to do this type of work they need to wait until it will be worthwhile doing them all together!!!

  • They cannot adopt the ‘head in the sand’ approach to potholes. I hit one in Surrey last year and it damaged by tyre and wheel (£500 repairs). Can we pressure these guys to fix?

  • This particular pothole appears to have some kind of ragged plastic edge around it. I wondered if an old sack or other piece of debris had been covered when the road was last resurfaced, which could have caused the surface to break up.

    I’m quite impressed with the new road surface in Rawreth Lane, but couldn’t help notice that if they had continued roughly 2 yards further west they could have fixed a patched area of road that has started to sink. I suppose they have to stop somewhere, otherwise it will be a never ending job.

  • I noticed on my way home tonight that the above mentioned pothole has now been filled (on the A1245).

    They must have done it when they closed the road the other night. Good show!

    Was the road closure linked to the work they appear to be doing on the overhead power lines? If so, the pothole repair was a great example of common sense thinking.

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