Teenager Charged




From the Echo tonight:

A TEENAGER will appear in court charged with criminal damage in relation to the Rochford Christmas tree being cut down just before the switch on of the Christmas lights.

The 15-year-old boy from Rochford was arrested on Tuesday (December 1) following the felling of the tree in Rochford Market Square over the weekend.

Nearby residents heard a commotion at 3am on Sunday and looked out to see teenagers with a bow saw chopping the tree about 4ft up from its base before running off.

Full report here.

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  • Pitiful isn’t it! This young fool trying to spoil the hard work and pleasure of so many. the only consolation is that there wasn’t worse damage. Rochford will ‘keep calm and carry on’ I am sure. It will not dent the local festivities. best wishes to all in Rochford.
    From Steve and the local Lib Dems

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