Swimming Pool Gets Planning Permission in West Rayleigh

Don’t get excited, the Tories haven’t done a U-turn and decided to build a swimming pool in Rayleigh. But a private applicant has got permission to build a small pool at Lubards Farm which seems to be suitable for swimming lessons etc.

Chris expressed some concerns about the potentially tricky mix of excited children , horses and cars in one area. The council has agreed to put an ‘informative’ on the planning permission with suggestions on how to improve things:

The applicants’ attention is drawn to the mixture of uses on the site and
the need to ensure that visiting members of the public to the proposed pool
are aware of the need to respect the welfare of Horses stabled on the site
together with the movements of Farm Machinery and commercial vehicles . To
this end the Local Planning Authority reccommends that the applicant in
conjunction with the site owner / management provide signage clearly
indicating the available Parking areas, the need to be aware of Farm
Machinery movements and the need to keep access and entry to buildings clear
from obstruction together with a suitable speed limit to be observed.
Furthermore such signage should include notice to the effect that Horses
stabled on the site are privately owned and should not be considered
approachable without the owners permission.Such signage should be provided
prior to the opening of the Pool to the Public.

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