Swim School Application Recommended For Refusal.

Even though it’s election time, normal council work still goes on. And there’s an interesting planning application on this week’s list:

A planning application has just been submitted for a swim school in Rawreth Lane:

Application Reference:17/00181/FUL

Address Of Proposal:8 Imperial Park , Rawreth Lane, Rayleigh, SS6 9RS

Proposal :Change Use Of Premises To Provide Swim School Business

You can view the application, and see what the applicant is aiming for, here.

However officers are recommending refusal – see their report on page 13 of this document.

Key paragraphs:

“No evidence has been provided to show that either the unit has been
vacant for an extended period of time with no interest expressed by any
businesses falling under a B1/B2 use class or that the unit would no
longer be viable for a B1/B2 use class. The industrial estate has been
described as economically sustainable within the Council’s Core
strategy and specifically listed as an industrial park which is to be
protected and the existing uses retained. The change of use to a
swimming facility under a D2 use class would therefore be contrary to
both Policy ED3 of the Core Strategy and DM32 of the Development
Management Plan.”
“It is further detailed within Policy DM32 that potential noise and light
pollution generated by proposed uses should be adequately mitigated
against. The application site is in relatively close proximity to residential
dwellings located to the east of the industrial park which could
potentially be impacted by such aspects, with no further surrounding
residential units. It is considered that any potential impact could likely
be adequately restricted to an acceptable level by way of inclusion of
appropriate conditions, including the restriction of opening hours.”
“IMPERIAL PARK MANAGEMENT who run the industrial estate, made
the following comment:
We would inform you that Unit 8 and all the Units on Imperial Park do not
have any allocated parking spaces and that anything attracting more vehicles
to the estate will worsen an already poor parking situation.
This is an industrial estate with vehicles including large lorries coming and
going. Not the right environment for children to be around. Added to the fact
that the main security gates close at 7pm weekdays and 12pm Sundays. The
parking facilities are for units owners and workers only and are at full stretch
right now, therefore we would ask that you consider these facts when making
your decision.”

It will be refused unless any Councillor calls it in by Wednesday at 1 PM.

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