Sweet Sixteen Voters




Interesting thought for today, is voting on the minds of 16 year olds?

Today at PMQs, MPs debated extending the right to vote to 16-year-oldsĀ – and the debate showed one thing clearly.

Theresa May and her Tory party are shamelessly behind the times. They stick to arguments of tradition rather than trusting in the next generation.

England is now behind the rest of the UK in empowering young people and the Tory party are clearly scared of the change.

Perhaps they are self-aware of just how poorly their policies go down with young people.

There are huge benefits to making the small change of giving 16-year-olds the vote.

It is time for the Tory party to stop holding on to the past and start looking to the future.

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  • The only thing on the mind of a 16 year old child is when can they next look at Facebook or Instagram. What a stupid proposal, I doubt if the majority can even name the 2 main parties let alone make an informed decision.

  • The Housing Minister ( Javid ) has made some really bullish statements recently , it is clear that the Conservatives have made the decision to sacrifice
    the Home Counties ( Green Belt ) to save London. A report recently analysed the last election and said they ( Tories ) lost the ‘young’ vote to Labour over Green issues. Perhaps they are against a younger vote for obvious reasons?,
    – next stop is the deforestation of the Blue Rinse Shires , now that will cost them dear…..

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