Sutton With Shopland Festival




The Sutton With Shopland Festival is on 6th-7th July at Sutton hall, Shopland Rd, Rochford, Essex, SS4 1LQ

Details are on their website here.

The District Council website describes it as follows:

The Sutton and Shopland Festival is an annual event with a mixture of music, dance and media expressionists. Set over several days the event is a highlight in the local area. Organised by the Friends of Sutton, for more information please telephone: 01702 545730.

They have a big line-up of acts – more than seventy on the Saturday! They include the wonderfully-named Society of Imaginary Friends – a threepiece consisting of violin, accordion, laptop and operatic voice (isn’t that a fourpiece?) and imaginationandmymother who say they “like to go on sonic adventures with ambient image-provoking sound. their work can be compared through painting through sound. we imagine our sound is like a canvas for one?s mind to construct image and thought.”

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