Support A Positive Idea !

It’s nice to have a positive idea to support –  and you can add your support to James Newport’s Ice Rink idea here.

“I want to get the Town Council to consider the idea of an Ice Rink in Rayleigh over the Christmas period, but need the support of our residents. I’ve create an e-petition here to collect all those names of residents who will support the idea. Once I reach 1000 signatures I will commit to carrying out a feasibility study to present to the council. Come on residents – let’s all get our skates on!”


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  • Excellent idea however you would need to get this past the people that run the town, not the council, the taxi drivers. Our very own Cabby Nostra who seem to hold sway over any decision that might affect their profits. They are a complete shower.

  • Has been discussed at Town Council level and idea rejected. There is no suitable site in the town centre and the cost involved will make it too expensive for users. In my view it was poor value for money for a couple of young children.

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