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Last Wednesday morning: Brand new shiny Sita roadsweeper appeared in Brixham Close, Rayleigh, drove straight down the road, turned and drove straight out again not even slightly diverting into the various bays /turning heads. Ron followed him round the other closes in this area where the performance was repeated. He was also driving far too fast for the machine to be able to pick up much of the dirt etc. which was just distributed across the road!

Ron then phoned Environmental Services at Rochford and spoke to a young lady who said she’d pass on his complaint.

Thursday morning: Sweeper reappeared going much slower and actually sweeping in the turning heads etc.
However, he didn’t do the corners so Ron phoned again and spoke to a council officer who said she’d sort it. He also emailed her a picture of the dirt and grass growing in the corner of one of the bays .
Friday morning: Two men appeared armed with broom and shovel and swept some of the corner rubbish up. They were followed by a supervisor or maybe inspector which brought about a further session with broom and shovel!

So Ron can claim a result for a few closes…

However we trust that other roads have had similar attention and we can look forward to nice clean streets in future. If you have any complaints about your road, please contact the district council first of all. If that doesn’t work, please let us know (though please email any photos to Chris or Jackie as Ron doesn’t have broadband!)

In the meantime Ron is waiting to hear (following a residents question) that Kelso Close, Rayleigh is actually on the street sweeping rota.

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  • Regarding the road sweeping of Kelso Close, Salisbury Close is also not on the official list of the operator of the road sweeping vehicle. Last week, my husband stopped the vehicle in Downhall Park Way and asked whether Salisbury and Kelso would be swept this time as having lived here for over two years and the Kelso residents for much longer, they have never been swept or sprayed for weed control. The driver checked his list and, sure enough, the two streets are not included, BUT he said he would ensure they would be done the following day as he could not do any more as he was full. True to his word he did arrive as promised, swept both Salisbury and Kelso. He also promised to enquire back at the office why these two streets are not included. Hopefully this has now been rectified, but we will wait until next time.

  • Its not just street cleaning that’s a problem – emptying litter and dog bins is also an issue.

    I have a long standing problem with a dog litter bin outside my house that keeps overflowing. When I last complained to RDC they told me that “the bin was not really full because the contents could be pressed down to make more space” – yuck!

    When Sita took over, there was no handover of existing schedules so Sita implemented new schedules and did not audit the impact. Some bins may well be OK but if yours is a problem then tell RDC.

  • Would be nice to have a road sweeper on Coppice Gate. If we can’t have our roads swept because the road has not been adopted, perhaps the owners of the equestrian centre that use Priory Chase and Temple Way when taking their horses out want to come back with a bucket and spade, and clean up once they have dropped the horses back to the stables

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