One of the strongest planning powers a council has is to issue a ‘temporary stop notice’. So for example, if someone is building a big structure completely without the required planning permission,a council can serve a stop notice that legally prevents them from continuing. But there are risks involved for the council – if they get things wrong, and serve a notice without good reason, they can end up paying compensation.

Until now, councils could NOT serve temporary stop notices in respect of caravans being used as main residences. However, councillors learned at a training session today that the rules have been changed. Councils are now allowed to do this.

If you think there is somewhere that suddenly needs a temporary stop notice involving new caravans, contact the District Council planning enforcement team on 01702 318022 and also let your ward councillors know. If it is outside normal working hours contact the council after hours number on 01268 527317.

For any lawyers reading this, the new regulation is the Town and Country Planning (Temporary Stop Notice) (England) (Revocation) Regulations 2013.SI 2013/830.

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