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Then have a look at our manifesto here, there’s plenty worth voting for.

And locally our candidate for Rayleigh and Wickford, Ron Tindall, is totally opposed to the downgrading of Southend A&E.

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  • So.. we have a complete dogs dinner after yesterday and I’m guessing we are all sick and fed up with the whole lot of it. But Oz fans we can rejoice in two things, no longer will we suffer Jimmy Krankie ( aka N Sturgeon) on the Communist Broadcasting Corporation and, oh joy of joys, Mr N Clegg, the most odious little creep ever to enter parliament finally kicked into touch.

  • Oz – you recently pointed out the apparent BBC bias , and I have been watching with with that in mind – and I have
    conclude that you are right, there is a very anti Tory / TM feel to the reporting of some political reporters.
    Having said that the increasingly poor performance of TM is providing them with plenty to exploit – she will not be
    in place for much longer I feel , but what are the options?……..

  • Jim, I do not know, I have never felt so uneasy about the political situation in the UK as I do right now and it’s same for our friends. In v Out, Left v Right, BBC v The Press, Rich v Poor, maybe it’s best we let “them” sort it out and concentrate on the issues affecting us here. The merger of Southend & Basildon hospitals, the influx of travellers, overdevelopment, traffic congestion…our MP has been re-elected with an increased majority so come on Mark….time to step up to the plate old chap 😫😫😫😫😫

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