Sports Pitch Update




The District Council advise the following schedule for the new sports pitches in Priory Chase, Rayleigh:

  • Receive groundwork tender May 2009
  • Commence works Summer 2009
  • Pitches available for use – late 2009/early 2010
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  • Mmm, still no consideration for Highways adopting Priory Chase (and Temple Way) to enable legal road markings to be laid and leagl signage and to enable enforcement of the law? Watch this space for traffic and parking complaints from local residents. Hopefully nothing worse… Well done Rochford Council you’ve played another blinder 🙁

  • Well yes, TWR, you’re right to point this out.

    More generally – the land was owned by the County Council, the planning authority was the District Council, and the two councils were meant to be working in partnership. Once the school buildings were pulled down there was just a flat piece of ground. IN PLANNING TERMS IT JUST DOESN’T GET ANY EASIER THAN THIS. This could have been the best-designed development in the whole of the South-east But you can see the flaws and poor planning yourself.

    What depresses me most about the proposed 850 houses is that nobody seems to have learned any lessons, and the 850 would be built on more difficult land. At least on a few of the other sites in the district developers are trying to sweeten the pill and offer some kind of plan. But not here.

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