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A complaint on FixMyStreet today:

Dear Sir Speeding is becoming a problem in Victora Ave. people seem to think it is a race track, part of the problem is the lights at the bottom of the rd. Victora Ave. side the lights only let a couple of cars go then they change again so everybody is raceing to bet the lights.Perhaps changeing the sequence would help.

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  • Victoria Avenue is becoming a very dangerous road due to speeding in both directions by totally irresponsible people. Unless something is done pretty soon it is inevitable that a bad accident will happen. Many children use this road and you also have the crossroads at Cheapside plus the parking and still people use it as a racetrack.

  • Thanks for the comment – do you have any specific ideas on what to do, or anything that you WOULDN’T like to see happen , e.g. humps?

  • In my opinion speed humps are the answer.They work perfectly in Love Lane. It is no good erecting signes warning people to be aware of the speed limit as the offenders will not take any notice.

  • I’m not sure what the correct answer is for this particular road, but speed humps should be avoided at all costs. They add to noise polution, exhaust emissions, and can be a distraction for drivers. They are also a pain for cyclists, emergency services and passengers of any vehicle that may suffer a medical condition that is exagerated by travelling over the bumps. Ask any pregnant woman if she would like to be driven down Love Lane, and see what response you get.

    Perhaps a police blitz followed by regular patrols would help (wishful thinking, I know).

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