Something Wrong, Surely?




Here’s something strange. At a District Council Committee tonight, we discussed a review of ‘local wildlife sites’. The idea is to identify local sites which, well , have a diversity of wildlife, and then make sure we have the right policies to protect them.

It’s generally a very good idea. To find out more, you can download the the last documents on the council webpage here.

There’s a list of 37 sites, prepared for the council by consultants. It’s disappointing that Cherry Orchard Country Park isn’t included. What’s more alarming , the consultants say that this is one of the sites which

“….. were surveyed and assessed, but failed to meet the site selection criteria. It is not felt that these sites are likely to qualify in the future”

Not likely to qualify in the future??? Remember that much of the Park School site in Rayleigh was sacrificed to create this country park, which at the moment is mostly for the benefit of Soouthend residents. The least the council can do is improve the diversity of wildlife there!

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