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89 Downhall Road

Earlier this week when the Planning Inspector allowed the developer to demolish 89 Down Hall Road and rebuild with another house and flats, we had a good look at her decision letter. And we found something strange. It was the bit that said:

The Council has referred to policies HP3, HP6 and HP11 of the Rochford District
Replacement Local Plan (LP), adopted in 2006. However, as I have not been provided with information to indicate whether these policies have been saved, I propose to deal with the appeal on the basis of Planning Policy Statement 1 Delivering Sustainable Development (PPS1) and Planning Policy Statement 3 Housing (PPS3).

This is downright strange. She’s not sure that the council policies that the council have quoted are still in force. So she’s ignored them. The information we’ve had from the planning office is that these policies are still in force until 2009 , and a simple phone call to the council would have told her that.

Chris Lumley, as a ward councillor has been in contact with the neighbouring residents about this. Chris Black has been discussing it with council officers and has tried (unsuccessfully) to get it discussed as an urgent matter at next week’s development control committee.

This needs investigating further.

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  • whay are the council paying this person !!! when they are not doing there job properly, if I had only done half my job at work I would be sacked!!!!!!!

    It scares the life out of me that the council are putting all there trust in planning inspectors that cannot make phone calls !!!!

    How bad has Rochford Council got to get before someone says enough is enough

  • Hi Dee, just to make it clear for everyone else – the planning inspector is employed by the government, not by the council.

    There is clearly something wrong here, but it’s not clear yet where to apportion blame….

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