Some Questions That UKIP Really Ought To Answer




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Independent Councillor Toby Mountain aims his fire in an open to letter to UKIP here.
It’s too long to summarise… You might like to leave any comments on Toby’s website rather than ours..

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  • Judging by last nights performance at Holy Trinity one question would be does the UKIP candidate know what their policy is on any issue or does he always have to read from the policy sheet. Sorry John but your performance was abysmal.

  • Did not go to hustings,but I do despair that UKIP are taken seriously as they only have one rather dubious policy .Most candidates seem to be at a loss when faced with the problems that will inevitably face the incoming Parliament .A Government of National Unity is the best way to deal with the real problems this country is going to face with possible breakup of the UK and hopeful reformation of the EU.There are basic themes the main parties agree on ,other party Dogma should be discarded and the greater good encouraged .The Economic future does not look great with few involved in actual physical creation of wealth.Read Toby’s open letter ,sums it up neatly .

  • To be honest they all annoy me , it seems to be a daily menu of promises trying to out bid each other for our votes , each so vaguely worded as to be easily not complied with after the election. Like much of this 21st century – ” have a nice day you’all” it is
    superficial and unconvincing , no wonder politics is a turn off for so many people.

  • Here is an interesting fact taken from the BBC site, puts all those election promises of will spend / wont spend in perspective……

    But for UK elections, the billion holds sway. James Abdey, lecturer in statistics at the LSE, says ordinary people can’t really conceptualise a billion.

    The closest most of us get is understanding that a house might cost one or two million pounds. “Once you go beyond that these are not everyday figures that people can comprehend.”

    It leaves Ellicock concerned. “There’s an interesting question – does the electorate really understand the (vast) difference between a million and a billion?” He offers an example. Ask someone how long a million seconds is – the answer is 12 days. Ask them to think how long a billion seconds is and they may well answer in days. The answer is 32 years.

  • If voting changed anything they would ban it. I think parties of all colours should take a long hard look at themselves and ask themselves why UKIP has gained the ground that it has. Sniping and name calling is rife. Election promises being broken rife. Expenses and other types of non-monetary fiddling appear rife. Jim’s post above is spot on “no wonder politics is a turn off for so many people”. If UKIP stirs up that much vitriol then they must be saying something that the establishment does not want the plebs to hear. That tends to make this particular pleb want to listen a little more.

  • Oz @4 – Lecturer in Statistics says it all , the condescending Geek is almost certainly one of those ‘all brains and no common sense ‘ merchants.
    And Jason @5 – too right, treat the plebs like mushrooms – ” keep ’em in the dark and feed them bull—- “.

  • Jim@6, mate, you will give yourself a seizure at this rate….it’s only an election… little contribution was just to show how big a billion is, no hidden messages….

  • I like the new post ‘the campaigning squirrel’ Last night at the Rayleigh Hustings at SweynePark School we had NO LIBDEM Candidate or representative to answer questions. Chris Black was working but if a party or person wants you to use your precious vote to get elected they should at least step into the constituency. 7000 people voted LIBDEM in Rayleigh / Wickford in 2010 they are being let down.

    • It was a pity Linda that we didn’t attend but our absolute priority in the last few days had to be to get all the 80000+ leaflets sorted into bundles, for the post office to ensure that we reached out to EVERYONE across Rayleigh, Wickford and Castle Point. We are a small group, much smaller than yours I imagine and this weekend we are feeling absolutely knackered – (both physically and financially!)

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