Some Hard Work From Chris Lumley..




According to tonight’s Echo:

ESSEX County Council is to carry out new speed checks on roads which residents claim have become rat-runs for traffic to and from Rayleigh station.

There has been an increase in the amount of traffic on Purleigh Road and Hatfield Road, Rayleigh, over the past ten years, because of new development in the area.

Chris Lumley, Liberal Democrat Rochford district councillor for Grange ward, has organised a petition, with more than 120 signatures, complaining about speeding motorists.

Mr Lumley said a previous speed check two years ago had shown there were no problems.

But residents said the focus of a recent study was on parts of the roads where traffic was naturally going to slow down anyway.

He added: “I often walk down both these roads and can testify it is not unusual to see cars travelling in excess of the speed limit during the day and I am told it is worse at night.”

County council spokesman Peter Craig said it was proposed to wait until the spring to carry out the checks as winter weather tended to moderate traffic speeds.

Well done, Chris.

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  • Can we get same one to look at the speeding traffic that goes down Trenders Ave, as the speeding traffic is making the potholes deeper (8” + in parts) and is destroying the road. This will become more of a issue if all the road of Trenders Ave and in the Tryndehayes area get there bridleways statues (you have until the end of this month to put your views to RDC on the bridleways issue. To see more info on it go for a walk in the Tryndehays area and there are poster almost everwere)

  • ??? As you are probably aware Trenders Avenue is a private road therefore there is nothing that can be done to curb the exessive speeds. Residents in that road have attempted to control the speed with humps and 10 MPH signs .With the permitted developement on Searles site likely to start sometime I believe one of the conditions is that the road will be surfaced as far as there. This will only increase speeds on that part of the road . As you have pointed out the potential conflict with horses if opened as a bridleway could cause problems and danger . There is a further possible danger involved with the network of bridleways where footpath54 is to be converted to a bridleway leading directly on to watery lane who in their right mind would ride a horse on that death trap of a road with no visibility and narrow banks and inconsiderate drivers?

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