So What’s Going On?

There’s suddenly a lot of speculation about a possible Rochford bypass., which would make it easier to drive in and out of Southend, at the cost of a loss of some more countryside. (a six lane highway between Rayleigh and Hullbridge?) At the moment the situation is as clear as mud, but this is how things seem to be shaping up:

The Eastern Region, Southend Council and Teddy Taylor MP want a road.
Rochford District Council has a policy of opposing one
The County Council doesn’t support the idea either
We don’t know exactly where the road would go
Hawkwell Councillor John Mason is extremely concerned about things.

If you’re a regular reader of onlineFocus – or the Focus leaflets that we put through letterboxes – you’ll know that we have learned to be wary when schemes like this come along. But at the moment it’s hard to tell what’s going on , and we DO expect our council officers to do their job and clarify things VERY quickly. If you want to add your comments to the Forum, please feel free to do so.

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