Slow Driving This Summer….




The gas pipe replacement programme has started today in Rayleigh Town Centre. The “Church” end of the High Street is going to be dug up for 4 weeks.

Driving around this afternoon, things were OK – but of course, any problems are likely to emerge tomorrow….

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  • Hopefully all the traffic and the buses will run smoothly. Good job the children are not at school although I did read in the local freebie that it will now probably be longer than that, will be absolute nightmare if its still being dug up when the children return to school.

  • Does this mean that the carpark at the Mill is out of use for this period of time? And can you still exit at the top of London Hill and through the lights by the church?

    It will be interesting to see how the traffic copes during this time, if the chaos isn’t too bad, maybe someone will suggest making it permanent and pedestianise the high street.

  • Been so many schemes Rayleigh High Street over the years, one way, two way traffic, other towns seem to get it right but wast surprised when they were shutting it right down as its so wide thought gas board could work around people using it.

    I know a lot of people who can and are avoiding Rayleigh during this time, good on em, but wouldnbt be a fair trial for pedestrianisation of High Street.

  • Drove up to the town lunch time today and found that half of the High Street, The Lanes side, was closed as, apparently, someone had gone through a main electricity cable. So, could not get any meat from the butcher in The Lanes, could not get any cash from HSBC as they had been affected, although all the other shops and Lloyds TSB on that side of the High Street were unaffected.
    This is just the first day!! Oh dear, does not look good for the remainder of the works does it?

  • ST1
    You are able to access the High Street from Crown Hill and use the car park at The Mill but you cannot go through the lights by the church as this is completely blocked off.

  • I went into town on Friday and the Lanes side of the High Street was without electricity then, the Lanes were serving people but only if they had the right money and Boots were escorting people round but only if it was important, none of the banks that side were working.


  • Early days however, I have travelled up and down Crown Hill on two different days and no delays yet.

    Saturday Morning is usually busy so it will interesting to how busy it gets. It’s a shame some people don’t know how to use their left hand indicators when turning left down Crown Hill.

  • Betty, I agree that this closure is a perfect opportunity to trial the pedestrianisation of Rayleigh High Street, between Crown Hill and Church Street.

    I think that the pestrianisation and beautification (more tree planting etc.) of this part of the High Street will vastly improve Rayleigh Town centre – together with the promotion of more cafes/bars/restaurants and investment in quality high street shops – this would re-energise the town and bring in much needed income and emplyment opportunities. I may have only lived here for a few years but I can already see a decline in the town centre whilst other Essex Town centres seem to thrive. Rayleigh has a large commuting population and is a relatively wealthy area – I am disappointed that this hasn’t been capitalised upon.

    I and many others choose not to socialise in Rayleigh in the evening, as it seems to mainly attract younger or elderly people. If I want to enjoy a pleasant evening out I travel to Leigh, Chelmsford or stay in London after work. I know that this is what a lot of local residents also choose to do. If Rayleigh had a real choice of quality bars and restaurants I’d be spending my cash in the High Street instead – as would many others I’m sure.

    I pop into Rayleigh for bits and pieces but I mostly shop in either Blue Water, Chelmsford, London, Lakeside or on line. Again if Rayleigh had more quality high street shops, I and many others, would shop in the High Street.

    Please don’t misunderstand me – I chose to live in Rayleigh and there is a great deal that I do really like about the Town. I just happen to think that more could be done to make the High Street a really attractive and special place to visit in the evening and during the day.

    I drove into Rayleigh today and the road closure made no difference to congestion as far as I could tell.

    As I said I think that these gas works are a perfect opportunity to consider the permanent pedestrianisation of the top end of the High Street…

  • I have been trying in vain to leave lengthy comments here regarding the permanent pedestrianisation of the top end of the High Street…I think this would be hugely beneficial to Rayleigh. Seems to be a problem with the site? Not sure if this will save either but I give up!!!

  • Well I have been avoiding Rayleigh as the buses are stopping too far from the shops that I want, some people cant walk that far. I have noticed that the buses are quite empty as well whereas they are usually crowded so think others are doing the same. The traffic is bound to be quite light though on Crown Hill especially in the morning as the children are not at school.

  • I would hope that IF the High Street was pedestrianised then the bus stops and taxi ranks would be re-sited appropiately. If the shops continue to close down at the current rate there’ll soon be little reason to visit the High Street anyway…

    CORAL/ASDA et al please note that we the residents of Rayleigh do not need more shops on Rawreth Lane we want the existing units and facilities in Rayleigh High Street enhancing!!!

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