Shops Of The Past….




This month Rayleigh Through The Looking Glass looks at local businesses and shops.

Do any of our readers remember Cramphorns?

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  • Cramp horns were my families competitors in Essex during and up to the sixties in the twentieth century .There were cramp horn shops in most towns in Essex ,dealing in garden requisites and animal feeds as did James and George H Matthews .Their main mill was at Cuton Mill Chelmsford .I think the Chairman was a Colonel Cramphorn .I obviously never went in one off their shops as a child but I imagine there was a wonderful smell of open bags of a mixture of animal feeds and fertilizers and composts as there was in the shops of my family ,I particularly remember as a child the store room at Battlesbridge,with the wonderful aromas . The shop now is a tack shop next to The Garden Centre. Cramp horns opened a chain of Garden centres one of which became Wyevale in Eastwood Road

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