Shock Cuts in Winter Salting Budget




We had enough trouble last winter with slippery roads in our district . Next winter is likely to be much worse, because there will only be one-third as much money for road salting and snowploughing!

We have just found out that the budget for salting and snowploughing in our district has been cut from ?103,335 last year to ?30,273 for this year. This work is done by the County Council.

What’s the reason for the cut? It’s nothing to do with instructions from central government, or a lack of money from the government. It’s simply that the County Council has decided to take money away from our district and spend it on salting in other parts of the County.

We think this will increase the risk of accidents and delay people getting to work. It’s really a big mistake by the Conservatives who run the County Council, and we will campaign to try to get this changed.

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