Have you heard of SERT? It stands for “South Essex Rapid Transit ” – a proposed new system of public transport for the future. Consultations on it have just begun in Thurrock, and will be held later in Southend and Basildon (though not in Rochford)

SERT has it’s own website here.

You can watch a video here – (pity there’s no way of showing it on onlinefocus)

The whole concept is explained here, but is basically an advanced bus system, with new bus lanes being built where possible. There would be other features, such as Park and Ride

We certainly need better public transport in Essex, but here’s a few initial points to bear in mind:

  • The system is proposed to start operating in 2012.
  • It does not include Rayleigh and the only bit of Rochford it covers is the airport.
  • Initially, at least, the Southend part of the scheme won’t connect up with Basildon or Thurrock
  • The video does not claim that it will actually ease road congestion , just avoid making it worse when new housing and new jobs come to South Essex.
  • Any thoughts?

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  • At least that may explain why the JAAP includes a Park & Ride which is NOT for airport use (although does not say why its included!).

    I get the impression RDC have given up on roads as an insurmountable problem. How can we have endless plans (Core Strategy; JAAP; HAAP) without ANY proposals to address the existing traffic problems?

  • Is the problem with roads in the district down to RDC or Highways at ECC? I have to say the A127 is now a joke since the 50mph speed restrictions came into force. Some evenings it is quicker to get from Harlow to the A127 (via the M25) then it is to get from M25 to Rayleigh via the A127. The traffic backs up! Are schemes like this ever reviewed? Or are Highways content with the increased emissions caused by cars stuck in traffic?

  • Corey,

    I think you have touched on the root of the problem. As you suggest, roads are the responsibility of ECC Highways (but they have very limited funds and other priorities). RDC continue to produce local plans but roads are not their problem. So no joined up thinking and little hope for improvement.

    I also agree about the A127 were the 50mph limit causes bunching and congestion and may well prove counter productive.

  • The A127 is definitely less safe since the cameras and speed limit went in. Too much bunching of traffic, nose to tail, travelling at dead on 50mph. It leaves no room to change lanes to exit the road and no room to join from the slip roads. It also removes any chance of accelerating past slow moving traffic to find a safe gap. The slip roads also now queue back onto the roundabouts below the A127, causing congestion and increasing the risk of an accident. Will someone be able to admit they got it wrong and return it to it’s previous state? I won’t hold my breath.

  • Re the last three comments above, as the A127 runs for about 3 miles adjacent the RDC area these are the sort of questions that should be asked at tonight’s meeting of the West Area committee a Rawreth Parish hall tonight. The meeting starts at 7.30.

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