“Safeguard Our Soils”




Carole Shorney from S.E. Essex Organic Gardeners has the following online petition here.

Because the present National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) policy does not amount to protection of Best and Most Versatile agricultural land (BMV) – merely a requirement to take it into account – I believe that there should be a specific direction in the NPPF to plan positively for the future use of Best and Most Versatile agricultural land (BMV) for benefits beyond food production. Areas covered should include increased biodiversity and an increased level of resilience for agriculture. We really do need to maximise UK production sustainably, and not rely on world markets, and the loss of above average farmland should once more become a prime consideration in planning decisions.
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  • I would ask people to sign this petition .It re iterates what I have said before ,this country can no longer rely on others to feed our increasing population,we need to use own resources both in good land and expertise . We also need to value our food ,as over the years less of weekly budget is used to feed ourselves . Once built over it will become sterile as the gardens are not big enough to grow vegetables . It is a national scandal that grade one and grade two land is still being greedily used up .

  • Agreed, I am luckier than most in having a garden large enough for a good size veg plot which takes me through summer and most of the winter, but modern gardens are way too small to grow any veg on a significant scale. With an ever growing population we need to grow as much fod as we possibly can both to avoid expensive and vulnerable imports and to protect our environment.

    I have signed this.

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