Ron Criticises Council Cleansing




Ron Oatham has written to the District Council as follows:

Good morning

Last week the roadsweeper made one of his not very frequent visits to Brixham Close in Rayleigh.As I was around at the time I was able to witness the fact that he did not sweep into the (admittedly awkward) corners of the hammerhead / turning bays despite reassurances from the contractors reps at various meetings that the operatives are instructed to descend from the vehicle and sweep these areas manually.

Phone calls in the past,I’m afraid,don’t appear to have had any effect, in fact last week I got the distinct impression that I was being given the “brush off” (sorry!). I also checked the same areas in Dartmouth and Torquay Closes and it was obvious that they had been similarly ignored. Obviously this is a District-wide habit

Excuses I’ve been given in the past range from parked cars to a new operative none of which really stand scrutiny.I realise that to do the job properly would increase the time taken but I assume that the contract payments from the council tax include this.Can you please take this up with the contractor on my and my ward residents’ behalf?

Thanks Regards Ron Oatham

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