Rochford District Council Sinks to New Depths with Recent ICT Failure




Our Victoria ward Councillor, James Newport has commented on the Council most recent IT outages over on his website. Frustrated residents have been in touch with the onlineFOCUS team and having been asking ‘what is going on at RDC?’

However, most are used to this common occurrence now even after the £600,000+ recent investment into ICT at the council. Not just the IT systems but telephony is also unusable!

Councillors were ‘sold on’ the idea that a move to the cloud would end the seemingly years of ICT failures that have dogged the running of the council. Right now, the council is unable to perform its function and we are wondering why after 3 days they have not invoked their DR (disaster recovery plan) – despite numerous occasions of us querying their DR plans in the past we never received a satisfactory answer. Perhaps there isn’t one!

Mounting ICT costs, a bevy of expensive portfolio holders and a Managing Director earning a 6 figure salary but communications remain tight lipped about what exactly is going on and when we can expect the Council to have it’s ICT systems back up and running.

When we know more we will update the post – “ICEBERG AHEAD!”

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