Rochford And Hockley Town Centre Masterplans




From the District Council website, a chance to express your views about what you’d like to see in the Hockley and Rochford Town Centres:

“Work on masterplans for Rochford and Hockley town centres will begin shortly, and we want to know your initial thoughts on what issues should be addressed. The masterplans will be prepared by Urban Initiatives, a leading urban planning and design consultancy.

The purpose of the masterplans is to inform the Council’s Local Development Framework and help provide guidance to both the Council and potential developers in terms of proposals, funding bids and enhancement schemes…..

……. you are invited to submit any initial comments, ideas, or proposals that may help inform the study.

Please submit any comments using the online consultation system via the link below by 15th February 2008.”

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  • I am concerned that the infrastructure will not cope with a large increase in residential & business development. Rayleigh is almost at gridlock now.
    I am also concerned that the towns/villages should not loose their identity. I would not want to see one large urban sprawl from Rayleigh to Southend!
    One of the benefits in living in this area is the feeling of it still being a fairly rural area. Please don’t let us loose that!

  • Janet, I understand your concerns and the only way we can keep up the pressure is to keep telling our Councillors exactly what you have written. We need to keep a little bit of countryside around a town of this size and in the end it is the Tory Councillors who hold the balance of power so it is the Tories that have the most to lose, if you see my drift.

  • Surely this has already been done. A great deal of time put in by vounteers with funding to cover costs (i bet it wasn’t cheap) to come up with the Hockley Parish Plan there is even a website

    Why spend more money on coming up with ideas, when money could be spent on carrying out the ideas already proposed after consultation.

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