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Road Safety Week 2018 will run between the 19th and 25th of November and aim to encourage all road users to travel in the safest way possible. You’ll no doubt have noticed that our roads are not only busier but the different ways people travel are increasing. Of course as Liberal Democrats we’re always keen to encourage people to use public transport and other alternatives to driving. However, this creates different challenges on our roads as we all try to use the limited space to make our journeys.

With local roads getting busier all the time road safety is at the heart of a safe community.

Road Safety Week 2018 focuses on teaching younger people to use our roads safely. With over 20,000 people injured each year in road accidents make sure you get involved and spread the message. You can use the hash tag #SaveKidsLives and share the brilliant resources. See the resources here.

Thousands of schools, nurseries, colleges, community groups and organisations are working together to improve young peopleís knowledge around road safety. Road Safety Week is the ideal time to run road safety lessons and assemblies or launch a campaign for safer local streets.

From horse riders and pedestrians to cyclists and drivers we can all do our bit to spread the word and prevent accidents in our area.

Brake’s Road Safety Week 2018 addresses this issue by providing training and resources to all road users. Schools are able to engage with the week’s events through Brake’s resources specially designed for younger audiences and focussing on safety when walking close to, and crossing, roads. Police will be carrying out ‘speed tests’ and offering advice to drivers on safer driving. This is particularly important as around 20,000 people a year are injured in road accidents directly linked to speeding.

All road users can benefit though, with advice and training also being available for horse riders, motorbike riders and cyclists.

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