Residents Meet to Oppose Lights and Sports Pitch




Local protesters against scheme

Rochford District Council has now formally objected to the scheme for floodlights and an allweather sports pitch at Sweyne Park School. This is in addition to objections from about 50 residents- and a few councillors.

However it is the County Council who will decide whether to allow it- probably at a meeting on November 21st in Chelmsford. We will do our best to keep you informed.

Why are people objecting?

The planning application is for an all-weather sports pitch and 16 metre high floodlights at Sweyne Park School. The pitch would be in the north-east corner of the playing fields, near Eastcheap, Cheapside East and the southern end of Downhall Park Way. It could be used until 10 o’clock at night. This night-time use would mainly be for outside clubs, not for the school. Many local people are really worried about noise, glare from the lights , possible extra traffic and drainage problems.

Why can councillors like us give our views on this in advance of the planning meeting?

This is not a “normal” planning application. “Normal” applications are decided by Rochford District Council, which we (Chris and Ron) serve on. We have to stay impartial in advance of the meeting, and not tell people our views beforehand.

This application is being treated as an education application on County land so the County Council will decide it themselves! (Some residents might think this is a little unfair…)

The district council are only being consulted, we don’t make the decision. This also means that as district councillors we don’t have to sit on the fence, we can help residents express their views.

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