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by Editor // in Rawreth


Often vacant at Council meetings, is the public gallery. Whatever Council meeting that may be, Parish, Town & District – the fact is there is lack of interest from the public in the proceedings.

A resident told us today that she had been ‘shouted down’ whilst speaking a Council meeting. This is clearly unacceptable, everyone one is entitled to for their voice to be heard – Cllr Stanley has invited the resident along to a future meeting of the Council, which we are pleased to report they have agreed to attend!

We would love to see more residents attending Council meetings so for information here at the links to the meeting dates.

Rawreth Parish Council

Rayleigh Town Council

Rochford District Council


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  • Thanks for the link but I note that our (Rawreth )website shows 2016 meetings ! Whoops! Please note that our meetings are always the first Wednesday of every month except August . There are occasional extraordinary meetings . We are user friendly and are generous with our public involvement .

  • Sorry, not the right place for this post but nowhere else to put it. I understand that there is a planning application to “increase”the days that Rayleigh Market operates. It is to increase to weekends and Bank Holidays. I think this is a great idea, the next thing will be to try to increase the quality of some of the stalls to make it more like Chelmsford market. I can already hear the howls of protest from the taxi mafia ( you know, the people that run the town ) but I say jog on 😠

    ps Application ref 17/1144/FUL

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