There’s been a slightly strained atmosphere since Phil Capon made his defiant speech about Parent and Child parking spaces.

Chris Black had a letter published about it in the Echo. A Labour Party activist in Birmingham is using the issue as an example of how the Tories aren’t the nice party that Cameron says they are:

a Liberal Democrat councillor in Essex, reveals that Tory councillors were whipped into voting against parent and child spaces in a car park. Yup, the councillors were required to vote down a family-friendly policy on pain of having the whip withdrawn.

Meanwhile Geoff Percical, the Echo’s political reporter gently chided the Rochford Conservatives in his weekly column :

….Two points arise from this: Firstly, what is so important about the issue of a small number of parking bays , that it had to be an issue for a party political decision? Secondly, the issue is one which affects a large number of people across the district and every member shuld be able to speak his mind and vote according to his conscience….

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