Recycling : Time To Give Some Goodwill Payments




Things are slowly sorting themselves out with the new recycling scheme, but there are still a number of residents suffering annoyance and inconvenience, especially those who haven’t had their bins emptied since the scheme started.

The Lib Dem group on the District Council – that’s Chris Black, Jackie Dillnutt, Chris Lumley, June Lumley and Ron Oatham – are asking for some goodwill payments to be made to people that the council knows haven’t had their bins emptied since the scheme started. Whether or not these payments come from the contractor or from the council would need to be decided.

The new scheme looks like being a big success once the initial problems are overcome. But that success depends on the goodwill of the public. Some one-off payments like this would help maintain that goodwill.

Now we’ve asked for this to be done, we will see if the cabinet will agree to it – or at least consider it.

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  • It may be helpful for people to know that tissues & kitchen roll paper can go in with compostable. This information was gleaned from RDC representatives at the Paglesham Show. We did not know where to put these soiled items as we didn’t want to put them loose in the recycling bin.
    The motto of this is, if in doubt, ask.

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