Recycling Success !




The District achieved it’s highest ever recycling rate in November, according to the latest information from the District Council:

“Figures on kerbside recycling collections across the District for November showed the recycling rate reached 18.5per cent, against 15.8 per cent for the same month last year. The total tonnage of recycled material collected during the month was 447.96 tonnes. This is the highest level since collections began in November 2004…..

……Waste and Recycling officer, Melanie Chilton, said: “We are very pleased with the figures. Since November 2004 we have collected 2,830 tonnes of glass, 589 tonnes of cans, and 4,667 tonnes of paper. November was the best month ever. A big thank you to residents, who have been filling their recycling containers with the appropriate materials”.

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  • Success? Well, it’s a start … but we read in the Rayleigh Times: “COUNCIL LOOKS SET TO MISS ITS RECYCLING TARGET”. For 2006 we were apparently aiming for 18%, but only achieved about 15%. Isn’t it time we got serious about recycling?

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